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Associate of Arts in

Christian Ministry Leadership


The Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry Leadership is recommended for students who plan to further their education in ministerial studies or serve in various leadership areas of pastoral and church lay ministry. The courses are designed to serve adult learners and bi-vocational ministers who may have a family, job, and/or community responsibilities. The curriculum is composed of courses in general education, biblical and theological studies and church leadership, and includes both theoretical concepts as well as opportunities for practical application. Program and course learning outcomes include an emphasis on critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and the need to remain current within the evolving ministry leadership environment.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the Bible, interpret Scripture’s original meaning, and apply Scripture to contemporary situations. 

  • Explain and model church systems that emphasize best practices for ministry.

  • Apply their knowledge of best practices in developing a fiscally sound ministry.

  • Integrate knowledge of missiology, culture, and ethics in developing a personal model of Christian Leadership, while recognizing and understanding intercultural and global perspectives.

  • Think critically and ethically, demonstrating basic written, oral, and technology-based communication skills.

Degree Requirements

The Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry Leadership is comprised of three content areas: general education course (27 semester credits); bible and theology core courses (12 semester credits); and Christian ministry leadership concentration courses (21 semester credits). These courses are designed to serve adult learners and provide a strong foundation for leadership in ministry.


The leadership concentration courses expose students to the basic concepts required to successfully serve or develop a fiscally sound ministry, based on best practices from leading practitioners in ministry.


Students must successfully complete all required courses with a passing grade.

Course List

General Education Courses

Christian Ministry Leadership Courses

Bible and Theology Courses

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