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CHP 200

Planting and Developing Healthy Churches

Semester Units




Course Description

Utilizing Multiplication Network Ministries training curriculum, the Planting Healthy Churches course equips church planting practitioners and future church planters to train local leaders who already understand their culture, language and social networks, enabling them to share the Gospel more effectively than someone from another country and culture. This "training-the-trainers" approach allows many more people to multiply the gospel message strategically. The course will focus on two primary tools including church planting methodology in which leaders are challenged to plant new churches through practical skills, biblical training, mentoring and follow-up. The course also includes evaluative tools to help assess a church's health and vitality, leading to strategic planning to enter a preferred future.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the Theological approach to Church Planting answering the question, “Why plant churches?”

  • Identify the characteristics of a church planter.

  • Classify models and approaches to church planting including the Multiplication Network Ministries strategy and Acts 2:37-47 methodology for effectively training leaders to plant and build healthy reproducing churches.

  • Demonstrate the ability to explain church planting systems.

  • Articulate metrics and measurement of church productivity.

  • Compare church health and vitality and the characteristics of a healthy church.

  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively plan a church plant by developing a church plant strategic plan.

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