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LDR 201

Introduction to Leadership

Semester Units




Course Description

This course introduces students to the field of leadership, providing an overview of leadership, leadership systems, and leadership ethics. Specific emphasis is given to servant leadership, application of current leadership practices in Christian Ministry contexts and integration of Christian Leadership principles within secular contexts.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Bible by interpreting Scripture's original meaning regarding leadership application scenarios providing application of biblical leadership principles to contemporary situations.

  • Define leadership and generally articulate leadership best practices.

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply current leadership practices in Christian ministry contexts.

  • Answer the question, “What is Ethical Leadership?”

  • Recognize and understand intercultural and global perspectives of leadership in Christian ministry.

  • Recognize and demonstrate Servant Leadership in both biblical and secular contexts.

  • Explain and demonstrate a model of functional global leadership ecclesiology including cultural diversity, generational diversity, as well as women and men as effective team members for Christian Ministry.

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