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CMN 120

Next Gen: Missiology

Semester Units




Course Description

This course engages academic learning and practical application regarding retention and the stopping of attrition in the local church. Academic material will cover eight main foundational elements of effective missiology within the NextGen: (1) Generation Z, (2) Effective Discipleship and Spiritual Formation (3) Adolescent Communal Life: The Power of Social Networks and Human Capital, (4) The Impact of a lethal faith: The importance of generational apologetics, (5) Effective Adolescent Communication, (6) Strategic Parent and Family Faith Qualities, (7) The Potent Role of Religious Experience, (8) The crucial moment: Adolescent conversion theories.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Describe who this Generation is and what they philosophically represent.

  • Explain the proper missiological components of retention while and identifying the components of attrition in adolescent faith.

  • Analyze how belief in adolescents is developed through social networks.

  • Articulate and demonstrate how human capital, hidden curriculum, and social networks serve to embed faith through a strong community.

  • Determine the essential apologetical components needed for adolescent faith retention.

  • Reflect and identify the scientific reasons why adolescents' parents are the foundation of any ministry.

  • Identify elementary foundational principles of adolescent missiology. 

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