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Natural Science Requirement

Semester Units




Course Description

Students are required to complete a college-level Natural Science course such as Physics, Chemistry, Geology or Biology. Skills to be covered include the ability to use and interpret graphs and charts, the application of principles of earth science, ecology, and conservation and an analysis of environmental issues, policies and solutions; or, the ability to describe basic human biology concepts, and skeletal and muscular systems, and the various systems related to human health; or, the ability to understand structures and properties of matter, the history and context of chemical investigation, measurement, and problem-solving, and the ability to distinguish and characterize the properties of different states of matter, solutions, acids and bases. 

Students may fulfill this requirement by completion of Environmental Science, Human Biology, or Introduction to Chemistry via Sophia at; or by completion of a comparable course at an accredited college, or by transfer credit. For guidance on completing this requirement, contact

Course Learning Outcomes

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