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PHL 263

Judeo-Christian Social Ethics

Semester Units




Course Description

Traditional inquiries into ethics assume that there are certain principles which provide the foundation for determining the rightness, or morality, of human actions. Students study these principles and qualities embodied in the term ethics in the context of the Judeo-Christian worldview. This course seeks to establish basic principles that determine ethical behavior in society through course activities encouraging the student to become reflective upon real community needs in a way that should impact the style and content of their life, business philosophy, leadership and ministry.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the application of Jesus' teachings for reflecting God's image and goodness.

  • Examine objective moral principles, values, virtues, and behaviors and their epistemology.

  • Compare and contrast Judeo-Christian ethics with the world’s moral visions.

  • Articulate the elements of Christian ethics clearly.

  • Analyze contemporary moral issues from a Christian perspective.

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