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THE 160

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Semester Units




Course Description

This course seeks to provide an understanding of Jesus' preaching and teaching ministry especially as it relates to the Kingdom of God by investigating the biblical principles of Christianity including the concept that the Kingdom of God has been inaugurated by Jesus Christ but is not yet consummated. Students will analyze theological issues in order to formulate their own theological framework. Additionally, students examine major biblical doctrines, including the doctrines of God, the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Sin, Salvation and the Church.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehend the major biblical doctrines of the Christian Faith: Nature of God, The Trinity,  Redemption, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, The Church, and The Kingdom of God.

  • Analyze the Nature of the Kingdom of God: Realm, Right, and Power.  

  • Examine the scope, mission, and message of Jesus Christ in declaring and  demonstrating the nearness of the Kingdom of God.  

  • Evaluate the continuing missional nature of Christ through His Church  by the Power of the Holy Spirit; and the absolute necessity for signs and wonders to  accompany the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom.  

  • Assess the role of the Church, and the demands of the Kingdom of God upon its  leaders, within the context of the “conflict of the ages.”  

  • Analyze the practices of Kingdom Mission and identify areas within one’s calling to  give it full expression.  

  • Reflect upon, articulate, and apply one’s own theological understanding of the Kingdom of  God, the expression of the power of the Holy Spirit in one’s personal life, and the  responsibility to one’s missional calling. 

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