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OTS 225

Old Testament Biblical Literature Survey

Semester Units




Course Description

A study of the history of Israel from the Conquest of Canaan to the Second Temple period. This course combines literary and historical methodologies and sets Old Testament texts within their ancient world context. Emphasis is placed on the relationship of Israel and Yahweh, represented by prophets and other leaders of faith and its continuing relevance to believers today. Discussion of the Davidic Covenant and its messianic significance is included.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Identify categories of the Old Testament in terms of history and literature.

  • Relate the history of Israel from the patriarchs to the prophets.

  • Place the Old Testament within its ancient world context.

  • Recognize basic methods of current biblical scholarship.

  • Utilize various student tools, such as commentaries, maps, and Biblical encyclopedias.

  • Apply biblical principles to daily life and ministry.

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