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NTS 225

New Testament Biblical Literature Survey

Semester Units




Course Description

A study of the New Testament Church (this includes the writing of all the New Testament books as well as the destruction of Jerusalem). The literary and historical aspects of the writing of the New Testament will be examined as well as discussion of how the New Testament church developed in the greater context of the Roman Empire (including persecution and martyrdom of the Apostles and early church believers).

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the introductory issues of the writing of the New Testament such as

    canon, authorship, dates, purpose.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the origin and development of the early Church through AD 139.

  • Trace the development of the early church in relation to the history/culture of its time including the interaction with the thought world and religions of the Roman Empire and the impact of persecution.

  • Identify each of the epistles with its message, purpose, and conflicts in relation to the development of the first century church.

  • Utilize various study tools, such as, commentaries, maps, and Bible encyclopedias.

  • Apply biblical principles to daily life and ministry.

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