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BUS 290

Church Financial, Fiduciary and Legal Management

Semester Units




Course Description

Church Financial, Fiduciary and Legal Management is designed to provide students with an understanding of basic and common legal topics that a church and non-profit organization encounter in the normal course of business, fiduciary responsibilities of church administration to parishioners, trustees, and organizational oversight, as well as, pastoral and congregational financial management and planning.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate their understanding of administration of the church.

  • Demonstrate their understanding of basic accounting practices and how they apply to church financial management.

  • Identify and evaluate fiduciary elements that impact the church.

  • Use critical thinking skills to evaluate how church administrative and operations have changed and continue to do so in a post pandemic environment.

  • Develop a comprehensive agenda and supporting resources, including financial reporting to prepare for and facilitate a church business meeting.

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