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Institutional Outcomes




Master of Acquisition Management

Master of Contract Management

Master of Project Management

Master of Supply Chain Management

Master of Leadership and Management

MBA – Acquisition and Contracting Concentration

MBA – Project/Program Concentration

MBA – Supply Chain Management Concentration

MBA – General Management Concentration

Master’s Certificate in Acquisition and Contracting

Master’s Certificate in Project/Program Management

Master’s Certificate in Financial Management and Pricing

Master’s Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Master’s Certificate in Management

Success Indicators:

Average Graduation Rate:

Master of Acquisition Management: 71%
Master of Contract Management: 72%
Master of Project Management: 85%
Master of Business Administration: 45%
Master of Supply Chain Management: 67%
Average Program Completion Rates: 68%


Percentage of Students Surveyed Who Responded that They:

Achieved their learning goals: 92%
Would recommend the university to a friend: 97%
Were satisfied with their studies: 97%

Percentage of Graduates Surveyed Who Responded That They:

Acquired job or work related skills: 93%
Learned to think critically and analytically: 98%
Learned to solve complex real-world problems: 93%
Learned something that changed the way they understood an issue or concept: 98%

Received a job promotion as a result of their degree: 37%
Received an increase in pay after earning their degree: 45%

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