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Institutional Outcomes


The institution regularly reviews the achievement of its mission, as well as students' achievement of its learning outcomes. This process involves a comprehensive look at the institution, including both faculty and external reviewers examining the student work of recent graduates, measuring that work against the stated Program Learning Outcomes of the program, and making suggestions for the improvement of the curriculum and program in order to continuously improve student achievement. 


Additionally, student satisfaction and graduate outcomes is measured via a number of survey instruments. We encourage prospective students to review this information as part of their decision to attend Patten University.

For information on how Patten measures achievement of its mission, please see the university's Institutional Effectiveness Plan.


For more information on how Patten University assesses its outcomes and student achievement, as well as the most recent review of results, please see the university's Outcomes Assessment Plan with 2023 Results.

Additionally, please see the institution's STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT DISCLOSURE FOR THE PUBLIC.

2023 Success Indicators - Graduate Degree Programs:

Master of Business Administration

Master of Leadership and Management


Master of Program Management

Master of Business Administration 2023 Success Indicators
Master of Leadership and Management 2023 Success Indicators
Master of Program Management 2023 Success Indicators
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