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Certificate in

Christian Ministry Leadership


The 24-unit Christian Ministry certificate program includes topics that will enhance students' ability to minister effectively in Church and parachurch settings. The courses in the certificate program provide a strong foundation for the application of biblical principles to contemporary situations, and also introduces students to the business principles needed to develop and serve in a ministry setting.


This certificate is fully transferable to the Patten University Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry Leadership.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the Bible, interpret Scripture's original meaning, and apply Scripture to contemporary situations.

  • Explain and model church systems that emphasize best practices for ministry

  • Apply their knowledge of best practices in developing a fiscally sound ministry.

Degree Requirements

To earn your Undergraduate Certificate in Christian Ministry Leadership you must accrue 24 credits. 

Course List

Christian Ministry Leadership Courses

Bible and Theology Courses

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