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Christian Ministry Leadership

Undergraduate Programs

Christian Ministry Leadership in today’s world is ever evolving. Pastors and church lay leaders must not only have a solid biblical and theological foundation, but must also be able to manage budgets and finances, facilities, and human capital. 

Ministry leaders of today must be able to efficiently and effectively plant churches and run the business of ministry, as well as understand the implications of living in a more global society in order to adequately serve the needs of diverse congregations.


Patten’s undergraduate degree program has been designed to incorporate best practices of leadership with opportunities for application of these practices into their own personal ministry setting, while exposing them to strategies for communicating across cultures.

Patten's approach to education and ministry includes the cognitive, affective, and experiential dimensions of learning. Through their coursework, students prepare for co-vocational ministry, local and global church planting, missionary service, cross-cultural vocation and ministry, benevolence and humanitarian ministry, non-profit leadership, and global community development.

Instructional Modality

The University’s undergraduate programs are structured to be delivered online via eight-week terms. Each week’s modules have specific learning outcomes, delivered via instructor-led synchronous class sessions, asynchronous learning modules, discussion posts, written assignments, and/or quizzes and exams. This interactive learning modality allows students to develop rich connections with faculty and each other, providing them the opportunity to achieve a sense of community.



Undergraduate Course List

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