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Master of Business Administration - Supply Chain Management


This program is not accepting new enrollments.

This program offers a broad-based education in business operations designed for working professionals who wish to advance or enhance their working careers. The MBA program emphasizes both core business principles and the latest concepts, practices and skills needed in today’s marketplace.

Program Objectives

The program presents an overall management perspective. Certain courses provide a detailed knowledge of management principles as they are related to the individual functional areas such as marketing, operations, finance, and accounting. Other courses provide knowledge of the quantitative and qualitative tools of management and strengthen the students’ understanding of the human, social, organizational, governmental, and environmental problems associated with business.

Students may choose between a concentration in Acquisition and Contract Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, or General Management.

In addition to their core MBA degree, students can earn two Master’s Certificates as they work toward the completion of their MBA program. Attaining these resume-building Certificates can help students continue to excel in their career while earning a degree and without adding courses or tuition costs.

Goals of the Program

The objectives of this program are: (1) a structured knowledge of management principles and practices; (2) an ability to use the basic functions necessary for business operations; (3) a sensitivity to the evolving business environment; (4) an understanding of the proper relationship of basic principles in relationship to the changing techniques used to implement them; (5) facility in critical analysis, and analytical, communication, quantitative and synthesizing skills; and (6) an increase in the marketability of the student’s skills and experience in today’s competitive marketplace.


A newly accepted student at Patten must enroll in their first class within 90 days of acceptance. A student is subject to dismissal from the University for Unsatisfactory Academic Progress if they do not meet this deadline.

The MBA Program is organized into a block of core management courses and a block of concentration courses. The management courses are designed to provide the student with an overall framework of business knowledge. They stress the basic principles, concepts, and practices associated with the overall management of any business. The courses in a concentration provide the student with both the theory and a working knowledge of that particular field.

The student must successfully complete courses totaling a minimum of 48 semester units in the program and then complete an approved project.

The courses may all be taken through distance education. Please see Patten’s website at for course fees.

Supply Chain Management Concentration

This program provides a practical framework for how organizations manage the enterprise-wide functions of supply in today's business environment with focus on supply chain management issues. The program covers the conduct and management of the supply chain management function—how that function interacts with the other principal business functions, including product development, marketing, operations, finance and logistics—the conduct of the supply chain process, including the integration of requirements determination, supplier development, qualifications and selection—and supplier relations and performance.

This MBA program concentration is designed to provide participants an advanced education in the concepts, methodologies and techniques necessary for successful management of the supply chain in complex organizations, and a solid grounding in management principles and techniques for the overall operation of a business organization.


General Management Courses

  • Essentials of Management - BUS 602

  • Organizational Behavior & Human Resources - BUS 659

  • Operations Management - BUS 610

  • Management Accounting and Control  - BUS 657

  • Business Research Methods - BUS 653

  • Marketing - BUS 606

  • Financial Management - BUS 661

  • Management Information Systems - BUS 695

Supply Chain Management Courses

      Pricing and Financial Management - ACC 619

  • Negotiation - Principles and Practices - ACC 635

  • Supply Chain Management - SCM 615

  • Global Logistics Management - SCM 616

      Logistics Management in Government Acquisition - SCM 614

  • Managing Projects - PMP 627

  • Applications in Supply Chain Management - SCM 621

Each course is 3 semester units. Program requires completion of 48 semester units.

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