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Master of Business Administration  Concentration in Project Management


The MBA program with a concentration in Project Management offers a broad-based education in business operations designed for working professionals who wish to advance or enhance their working careers. The MBA program emphasizes both core business principles and the latest concepts, practices and skills needed in today’s marketplace.

In addition to their core MBA degree, students can earn the Master’s Certificate in Project/Program Management as they work toward the completion of their MBA program. Attaining these resume-building Certificates can help students continue to excel in their career while earning a degree and without adding courses or tuition costs.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate and apply principles from core business disciplines, including finance, marketing, operations, and strategy, to formulate innovative solutions for complex business challenges in diverse and global settings.

  • Evaluate real-world business scenarios for ethical and legal considerations, and construct decision-making strategies that accomplish business objectives while prioritizing social responsibility and the common good.

  • Compare and contrast business practices across different economic and cultural landscapes. Design strategies for effective leadership in diverse and cross-cultural settings.

  • Apply advanced analytical and quantitative methods to real-world business data. Interpret the results to make evidence-based strategic decisions.

  • Evaluate and apply common project management methodologies to real-world business problems.

  • Apply business research methods to create clear and persuasive business propositions and analyses.


The MBA Program is organized into a block of core management courses and a block of concentration courses. The management courses are designed to provide the student with an overall framework of business knowledge. They stress the basic principles, concepts, and practices associated with the overall management of any business. The courses in a concentration provide the student with both the theory and a working knowledge of the Project/Program Management field.

The student must successfully complete courses totaling a minimum of 48 semester units in the program and then complete an approved project.

Project Management Concentration

Project and program managers must be able to integrate business and project goals. They must possess an overall management perspective that allows them to achieve their organization’s strategic and tactical objectives. Project managers must be able to mesh their organization’s business needs with human, business and technical management systems to meet or exceed project or program objectives while maximizing customer satisfaction.

The purpose of this MBA program concentration is to provide a solid grounding in management principles and techniques, followed by a focus on project management principles and skills. This degree program imparts a rigorous education needed to develop competence in managing and leading any size project or program as well as the overall management and operation of a business.

Course List

​General Management Courses​

Start the program by taking the following courses:

Then take the following courses in the your order of preference:

Project/Program Management Courses

Start by taking the following courses:

Then take the following courses in the your order of preference. Select any five of the six courses:

*Courses marked with an asterisk are required. All other courses are electives.

**PMP 629 cannot be taken if a student takes PMP 625.

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