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PMP 629

Technical Program Management

Semester Units



BUS 602

Course Description

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of technical project management. It is a fully integrated program concerning all aspects of technical program planning and control including: engineering management, system engineering, software management, production management, integrated logistics support, and project control. It is based on technical management procedures used by the United States Government and its prime and subcontractors. However, the procedures are applicable in whole, or in part, to the technical management of any type or size of research, development, production or engineered construction project.

Its purpose is to provide a flexible integrated technical project management system which can be scaled to each application, both Government and commercial, and at the same time comply with specific program requirements.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the "product" development process.

  • Discuss the program/project management process.

  • Illustrate, diagram and demonstrate the steps in the system engineering process over the product life cycle.

  • Compare the system engineering process with current approaches to integrated product development and concurrent engineering.

  • Organize the basic steps for hardware, software and process development.

  • Define the elements of a technical performance planning and measurement system and relate its use to cost and schedule planning and control.

  • Illustrate the use of technical risk management techniques.

  • Outline how the technical specialties are integrated into the development process.

  • Explain the configuration and integration management processes.

  • Describe the production management process.

  • Explain the fundamental concepts of logistics analysis and support.

  • Specify the test and evaluation cycle.

  • Discuss the use of project control systems.

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