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PMP 628

Mastering IT Project Management

Semester Units



BUS 602

Course Description

The success of many organizations depends on their ability to manage their information technology (IT) projects. Leading and managing IT projects requires disciplined approaches that utilize standard project management techniques combined with the unique procedures associated with IT projects.

This course covers all the important aspects of managing IT projects: 

  • project initiation 

  • requirements determination

  • organizing, planning and controlling - risk management

  • technical management

  • leadership in an IT environment

  • project closeout

It is based on over 30 years of developing and presenting courses in project management. The course incorporates the lessons learned from successful and not so successful projects. The course provides a roadmap for completing IT projects to meet performance specifications on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the customer.

Case studies and exercises facilitated by an experienced instructor provide a solid foundation in both the principles and practical applications of IT project management.

Participants  learn techniques that can be immediately applied in improving their project management processes and outcomes. In addition, this course can help in the preparation for the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional (PMP) examination and CompTIA’s IT Project+ Certification.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the tools provided in this course to run more successful IT projects.

  • Explain the current IT environment, challenges and trends.

  • Discuss stakeholder management for IT project success.

  • Describe the nine knowledge areas of project management.

  • Recognize the characteristics of IT team members and define the roles of product/process teams in a project.

  • Summarize how organizational standards and guidelines contribute to project success.

  • Discuss the different types of program/project authority.

  • Define the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and how it corresponds to the Product Development Management Process (PDMP).

  • Demonstrate knowledge of scope planning, scope definition, and scope creep.

  • Explain the fundamentals of time and cost management.

  • Discuss the need for good project communication management, quality management, project control and project closure, and apply tools provided in this course in these project knowledge areas.

  • Develop a better understanding of testing and test documentation and review sample test documentation.

  • Differentiate between the test and production environments.

  • Analyze the change control process and review a change control procedure.

  • Determine how to run a productive IT meeting.

  • Examine the process of Business Continuation Planning.

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