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Master's Certificate in Project/Program Management




This program provides knowledge of the organizational, human, business and technical processes for successfully managing projects and programs.


Program Objectives

This Master’s Certificate program provides you with a comprehensive, practical knowledge of the underpinnings of project and program management. While principles and theories are explained, the emphasis is on how to apply them in order to swiftly and efficiently plan, organize and marshal assets so that projects are completed timely, on-budget and result in a high-quality outcome. The program also concentrates on motivating and directing individuals and teams as well as monitoring their performance and progress according to timetables and work breakdown schedules.




A newly accepted student at Patten must enroll in their first class within 90 days of acceptance. A student is subject to dismissal from the University for Unsatisfactory Academic Progress if they do not meet this deadline.

To earn your Master’s Certificate in Project & Program Management you must accrue 18 credits. It’s required that you take Building and Leading Project Teams (Course 671). You have the option of selecting one other required course from a list of three (Course 625, Course 627 and Course 628), depending on your professional interest and whether you manage projects or programs. Apart from taking two required courses, you may choose any four of six electives.


Course List


Start By Taking the Required Courses . . .

  • Building and Leading Project Teams — Course 671

Then Take Any Four of the Following Courses . . .

  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution — Course 636

  • Earned Value Management Systems — Course 647

  • Risk Analysis and Management — Course 679

  • Contracting and Procurement for Project Managers — Course 632

  • Project Quality Management — Course 687

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