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Master of Project Management

The Master of Project Management program is geared for industry and government professionals whose responsibilities require a sophisticated, but practical understanding of how projects and large programs are planned, organized and implemented. The Master of Project Management is an accredited graduate degree and is much sought after by professionals who are building impressive resume credentials.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a structured yet varied knowledge of the theory and practice of program and project management.

  • Explain the role of project managers and the strategies, tactics and functions associated with the leadership and management of an entire project/program or portfolio.

  • Demonstrate a facility in critical analysis, communication, and quantitative and integrative skills.    

  • Identify the relationship of the project interests to overall industry and government operations.

  • Recognize the proper relationship of basic principles to the changing techniques used to implement them.

  • Demonstrate readiness for career advancement.


The Master of Project Management program is organized into a block of general management courses and a block of project management courses. The management courses are designed to provide the student with an overall framework of business knowledge. They stress the basic principles, concepts, and practices associated with the overall management of any business. The project management courses provide the student with both the theory and a working knowledge of the project management field to include the areas of leadership, business and financial management, human relations, technical management, communications and negotiation.

You must earn 36 credits to graduate. Each course is 3 credits. You must take all five general management courses. There are ten Project/Program Management courses, of which you must take seven. That allows you to tailor your project-management coursework according to the scale of projects you’re involved with and also to your professional interest.

You may select either of three required courses:
Program Man
agement (PMP 625) or Managing Projects (PMP  627), or Mastering IT Project Management (PMP 628). Program Management focuses on managing a complex program composed of multiple projects utilizing both functional organizations and product teams. Managing Projects covers the planning and control of a single project. Mastering IT Project Management provides a roadmap for completing IT projects to meet performance specifications. The other required course is Building and Leading Project Teams (PMP 671).

Of the six remaining project-management courses, you may elect to take any five to suit your own professional interest.

To graduate you are required either to pass a comprehensive final examination or satisfactorily complete a project approved by the University and your instructor.

Curriculum Path

Each Patten course is organized in a sequential and logical order to make your learning experience optimal. 

We suggest you start by taking 
Essentials of Management (BUS 602), followed by Managing Projects (PMP 627) or Program Management (PMP 625), or Mastering IT Project Management (PMP 628). However, the actual path you will take will depend on the advanced standing you received for courses previously completed elsewhere.

Course List

General Management Courses

Program/Project Management Courses

*Courses marked with an asterisk are required. All other courses are electives.

**PMP 629 cannot be taken if a student takes PMP 625.

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