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Master’s Certificate in Management




This program provides a structured, yet varied knowledge of the practice and principles of business management.

Program Objectives

This Master’s Certificate program strengthens your aptitude in all the fundamental areas of business, from risk-assessment and decision-making, to organizational behavior and economics.


A newly accepted student at Patten must enroll in their first class within 90 days of acceptance. A student is subject to dismissal from the University for Unsatisfactory Academic Progress if they do not meet this deadline.

To earn your Master’s Certificate in Business Management you must accrue 18 credits.

It is required that you take Course 602 - Essentials of Management and Course 657 - Management and Control before taking any elective courses. After taking the required courses, you may choose any four of the eight electives.

Curriculum Path

Start by Taking the Required Courses . . .


Then Take Any Four of the Following Courses . . .

  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resources - Course 659





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