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Master’s Certificate in Management


The Master's Certificate in Management program provides a structured, yet varied knowledge of the practice and principles of business management. The certificate program strengthens your aptitude in all the fundamental areas of business, from risk-assessment and decision-making, to organizational behavior and economics.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a structured knowledge of business management, project management, or financial management principles and practices

  • Show the ability to use the basic functional elements necessary for select business operations

  • Demonstrate a facility in critical analysis, communication, and quantitative and synthesizing skills

  • Demonstrate an increase in skills and experience for today's competitive marketplace


To earn your Master’s Certificate in Business Management you must accrue 18 credits.

It is required that you take Essentials of Management (BUS 602) and Management Accounting and Control (BUS 657) before taking any elective courses. After taking the required courses, you may choose any four of the eight electives.

Course List

Start by taking the following required courses​:

Then take any four (4) of the following courses:

Course Number
Course Name
BUS 605
Supply Management
BUS 606
BUS 607
Communication and Ethics
BUS 610
Operations Management
PMP 627
Managing Projects
BUS 653
Business Research Methods
BUS 659
Organizational Behavior & Human Resources
BUS 661
Financial Management
BUS 663
Management Economics
PMP 679
Risk Analysis and Management
BUS 695
Management Information Systems
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