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BUS 609

International Business Operations (§)

Semester Units



BUS 602

Course Description

This is a multi-disciplinary course whose objectives are to enable the student to study the development and operation of the multinational firm – to become familiar with the special business and legal problems associated with establishing and managing offshore operations and engaging in international trade – to explore the relationships between business and government and the regulations of business enterprises – to become familiar with contemporary international monetary affairs, and to analyze the cultural differences that create problems in international business operations.

Special attention is given to the motivation of multinational firms in their investments abroad and the impact of international operations on marketing, finance, operations, supply, human relations, and general management. Emphasis is placed on the development of strategies, tactics, and organizational structures for the various types of cultural environments and their effective implementation for market penetration.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Not available for this course due to teach-out

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