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BUS 665

Strategy and Business Policy

Semester Units



BUS 602

Course Description

The course in Strategy and Business Policy emphasizes the acquisition of a senior management perspective. It deals with the skills, attributes and attitudes required for the effective performance of the general manager function. It is a major integrating course designed to pull together skills gained in the basic business disciplines and functional fields. It focuses on the enterprise as an entity and the general manager working within a corporate environment. 

The course covers the manager’s function – strategy formulation and implementation – corporate planning and control – organizational analysis – comparative management – entrepreneurship and venture initiation – small business management – and the impact of competitive forces and government regulations.

MBA Students are required to complete this course last, as it supports the creation of students’ Final Project.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze strategic management in an operational setting.

  • Develop key elements of strategic entrepreneurship, including an entrepreneurial mindset, culture development, and leadership.

  • Evaluate various merger and acquisition processes, and how the resulting merger or acquisition can be integrated into an existing business model.

  • Identify, analyze, and apply Porter's Five Forces, and they can be applied in various industry and organizational settings. Illustrate how the five forces can be applied in strategic planning.

  • Define and develop strategic alliances. Discuss why they are formed and how they are developed through functional processes. Identify the value of strategic alliances in a global strategy.

  • Identify and analyze the key differences between business level, rebuilding, and growth strategies. Construct rebuilding and growth strategies and attach them to product service or organizational life cycles.

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