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ACC 603

Government Contract Law (§)

Semester Units




Course Description

The course deals comprehensively with the purpose, interpretation, applicability and legal ramifications of the clauses, statutes, executive orders, and regulations applicable to Government prime contracts and subcontracts. The major decisions of the Boards of Contract Appeals, the Comptroller General, and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims are examined. The rights and responsibilities of the Government, prime contractor and subcontractor are explained. The specific problems of the prime and subcontractor relationship are covered.

This course is specifically designed to provide information and reference material for contract managers, subcontract managers, in-house attorneys, and private counsel who are responsible for the negotiation, analysis and implementation of the terms and conditions of Government prime contracts and subcontracts. Its major emphasis is on how to keep out of legal problems, not what to do after they arise. Therefore, its primary emphasis is on “preventive” contract law rather than the disputes and appeals process, and other legal remedies, although these are also adequately covered.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Not available for this course due to teach-out

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