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ACC 601

Federal Government Contracting (§)

Semester Units




Course Description

This course is the most complete, thoroughly documented course in Government contracts available to prime contractors, subcontractors, and Government agencies. It covers in one accelerated program all aspects of Government contracts and subcontracts and related management problems. The material is covered in-depth from both the seller’s and buyer’s viewpoint and is completely current. The course is based on the philosophy that everyone in responsible positions in the Government contract industry must have an appreciation of the entire process to properly perform their functions even though they may be responsible for only a part of the total.

Since the course covers the marketing, financial, legal, administrative, and management aspects of Government contracting, any person connected with any area of Government contracts can benefit from this course.

The course is in accord with all current regulations, directives and practices. In addition to the standard acquisition procedures applicable to prime contractors, subcontractors and Government agencies, it covers the unique practices of the Department of Defense and each of the Federal civil agencies.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Not available for this course due to teach-out

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