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LDR 611

Leading Creativity and Innovation

Semester Units



BUS 602

Course Description

Effective leaders embody the spirit of Creativity and Innovation. As a result, they use flexible and adaptive thinking to introduce change and innovation, instilling a vision and sense of purpose to a sometimes chaotic environment. The goal of this course is to provide leaders with the knowledge and tools which will enable them to add Creativity and Innovation as core competencies to their already developed skill sets. This course will influence leaders by deliberately facilitating creative change and enforcing a productive sense of focus in their role of developing science and technologies for organizational growth.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate leadership styles and decision-making processes in contemporary contexts, demonstrating an understanding of design-driven leadership and its influence on the evolving nature of work.

  • Analyze the integration and implications of human-centric values and ethical considerations in the leadership practices of contemporary figures.

  • Synthesize principles of creative leadership and evolving leadership trends, demonstrating an ability to integrate theoretical frameworks with real-world perspectives from contemporary discussions.

  • Conceptualize advanced leadership strategies addressing the imminent trends and challenges in the contemporary business milieu, evidencing a proactive approach to organizational evolution.

  • Analyze the nuances of ethical dilemmas emerging from digital advancements and synthesize strategies for principled leadership in this complex domain.

  • Apply integrated leadership strategies to simulate decision-making in complex business environments that require ethical discernment, sustainability considerations, and workforce diversity management.

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