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Course Description

Management Information Systems (695)
Credits: 3


This course is based on the premise that professional managers in both the private and public sectors cannot afford to ignore information systems. Professional managers must learn how to use information technology to create competitive firms, manage global corporations, and provide useful products and services to customers.

This course covers how to:
(1) use information systems;
(2) use information technology to design competitive and efficient organizations;
(3) understand the business and system requirements of a global environment;
(4) use information systems to ensure quality throughout the firm;
(5) participate in the design of a firm's information architecture and systems;
(6) manage the procurement of a variety of information technologies;
(7) choose among alternative telecommunications options;
(8) manage and control the influence of systems on employees and customers;
(9) allocate resources to competing system alternatives;
(10) suggest new uses for systems; and
(11) understand the ethical dilemmas and controversies that surround the use of advanced information systems.

Subjects covered include:

Increase Your Understanding of

. How the information age is changing business
. The roles of information technology
. The use of information technology to enhance productivity and decision-making
. Information protection
. Emerging trends and technologies

Improve Your Ability to

. Utilize systems development
. Work with electronic commerce
. Understand network basics
. Build IT Infrastructures
. Implement a Database
. Handle decision support systems

Texts: "Business Driven Technology", by Paige Baltzan, McGraw-Hill

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