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Course Description

Project Quality Management (687)

Credits: 3


Quality management is the integration of technical and management quality principles, practices, processes and procedures to enable each person in an organization to provide quality products and services, deliver value and contribute to the organization's success. In a project or program, the responsibility and leadership for creating an effective quality design and delivery belongs to the project or program manager. The PM must demonstrate to the project team a commitment to quality by communicating goals, by making process-effectiveness a clear objective and by committing necessary resources.

Course 687 provides you with a comprehensive approach to the tools, techniques, and leadership and management activities that affect, both directly and indirectly, quality throughout a project or program's life cycle.

Subjects covered include:

Increase Your Understanding of

• The relationship between quality and design
• The HR dimension of quality management
• Quality definitions

Improve Your Ability to

• Establish total-quality objectives
• Sustaining a quality organization

Texts:  Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence, by James R. Evans and William M. Lindsay, South-Western College Publishing; Managing Project Quality, by Timothy Kloppenburg and Joseph Perick, Management Concepts.

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