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Course Description

Building & Leading Project Teams (671)

Credits: 3


Project management takes place in a dynamic, complex and changing environment. Successful project management depends on the technical and interpersonal skills of the project manager, the project team, and the organization managers who support the project. These skills must be integrated with the business and technical skills necessary to lead any successful project or program and achieve the cost, schedule and quality objectives with maximum customer satisfaction.

Course 671 deepens your understanding of management processes, leadership styles, organizational structures and how project management fits into an organizational culture. We also investigate the relationship between organizational formats, authority and power, how to construct teams and keep them going, techniques to motivate, coach and measure performance.

Subjects covered include:


Increase Your Understanding of

. The dynamics of leadership
. Role of the project manager and project team
. Motivational techniques for individuals and groups
. Communication models
. The dynamics of "followership"
. Continuous improvement methods

Improve Your Ability to

. Define responsibility and authority in projects
. Understand people's behavior
. Create a motivated, high performance project team
. Develop leadership skills
. Solve problems and make decisions in the project environment
. Communicate effectively
. Negotiate and manage conflict

Texts: Building, Leading and Managing Project Teams, AGU Press
Organizing Projects for Success, Vijay K. Verma, Project Management Institute
Human Resource Skills for the Project Manager, Vijay K. Verma, Project Management Institute
Managing the Project Team, Vijay K. Verma, Project Management Institute

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