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Course Description

Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (659)

Credits: 3


Most acquisition and contracting professionals find themselves working within large task groups and still larger contracting bodies. So Course 659 focuses on understanding and managing the behavior of individuals and groups in a military and civilian-agency context, the human resources through which managers gets things done, and finally on organizational-design tools used to solve the major, recurring problems of complex organizational life.

Subjects covered include:

Increase Your Understanding of

. Situational leadership
. Principles & practices of Organizational Development
. Reward systems
. Your role within the organizational framework
. Structural change
. Measurement systems
. Educational methods for solving O.D. problems

Improve Your Ability to

. Solve inter-departmental communication problems
. Apply different techniques to resolve conflict among individuals
. Deal with stress
. Judge the effectiveness of working groups

Texts: Organizational Behavior, Steven McShane and Mary Ann Von Glinow, McGraw-Hill

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