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Course Description

Business Research Methods (653)

Credits: 3


This course is designed to provide managers in government and industry with a working knowledge of research methods and analytical techniques as they are used to implement a systematic approach to planning policies, programs and projects. Modern decision theory, which treats managerial problem-solving as the selection of the best solution from a set of alternatives, is emphasized.

The course is not concerned with abstract statistical concepts, instead focusing on applicable techniques and their use in solving real-life business problems. In addition to providing a working knowledge of research methods and design, the course includes a brief, but thorough description of different tools of analysis with a description of each technique and its application. None of the techniques require sophisticated mathematical or computer implementation. Emphasis is placed on how the techniques are used and how to implement the results.

Subjects covered include:


Increase Your Understanding of

. Research methods
. Design & data-collection techniques
. Forecasts

Improve Your Ability to

. Design accurate research studies
. Control and evaluate projects
. Communicate research findings to stakeholders
. Analyze complex processes & problems
. Generate ideas

Texts: Business Research Methods, by Donald R. Cooper and Pamela S. Schindler, McGraw-Hill

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