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Course Description

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (636)

Credits: 3


Project managers exercise their negotiation skills every day. It can be internal between co-workers and family or external dealing with friends, customers, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors. This course provides insight for leaders and managers to establish or reinforce negotiation and conflict resolution skills that will enable them to navigate the planning and preparation processes.

The role of communication is highlighted focusing on the dynamics involved with multi-party, teams and groups. Finally, cultural dynamics, negotiation style, conflict resolution techniques, and the use of third parties to resolve breakdowns in negotiations are explored.

Subjects covered include:

Increase Your Understanding of

. Planning and preparation for conflict and negotiation
. Conflict and how it affects the negotiation process
. The dynamics of communication, and the roles of power and ethics
. The impact of conflict in the broader social context
. The dynamics of negotiation involving teams or groups
. Cultural factors that strongly shape negotiations

Improve Your Ability to

. Negotiate schedules and contracts; and enhance project estimates
. Negotiate multiparty agreements; and build better teams
. Confront conflict and positively enhance outcomes

Texts: Negotiation, by Roy J. Lewicki, David M. Saunders and Bruce Barry, McGraw-Hill; Conflict 101, by Susan H. Shearouse, AMACOM

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