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Course Description


Contracting and Procurement for Project Managers (632)

Credits: 3


This course explains the contracting process, and the roles and responsibilities in this process, to program/project managers, engineering, technical and other functional personnel. It acquaints you with proven methods for meeting quality, cost and schedule requirements in the complex world of contracting and subcontracting.

The course provides: (1) a broad appreciation of the contracting process; (2) familiarization with the management problems associated with various types of contracts; and (3) training in the various types of skills needed for the anticipation, identification and solution of contract problems, together with the use of effective communication and documentation techniques. The course treats both the customer's and contractor's viewpoint. Course 632 is based on the federal government's acquisition regulations, the administrative procedures used to implement them, and extensive research into the management practices in industry.

Subjects covered include:

Increase Your Understanding of

• Procurement laws, regulations
• Contracting methods
• Statements of work
• Estimating and Pricing Concepts
• Contract management techniques

Improve Your Ability to

• Meet cost, quality and schedule requirements
• Participate in handling disputes

Texts:  Contracting and Procurement, AGU Press

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