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Course Description

This course is in teach-out and no longer available for course enrollment.

Contract Management and Administration (631)

Credits: 3


This course covers the organization, management techniques and areas of application of the contract management/contract administration function from the government's and the contractor's viewpoint. It is based on the federal acquisition regulations, the administrative procedures used to implement them and extensive research into contract management practices in industry. You will receive the knowledge and skills essential to effective business relations between buyer and seller.

Course 631 provides a comprehensive approach to the interrelationship between contract management, the various functional disciplines and project management. Contract management and administration requires an in-depth knowledge of contract law, so we encourage students to take Course 603 first.

Subjects covered include:

Increase Your Understanding of

. The more complex elements of contract review, execution, funding, contract performance
. Acquisition reform legislation and the resulting changes to regulations
. Management problems associated with various types of contracts

Improve Your Ability to

. Manage day-to-day contract activities
. Organize for contract management
. Maximize Contract Performance
. Conduct Proposal Development
. Assure Quality & Compliance
. Address special terms and conditions
. Provide in-house training in contract problem-solving

Texts:  Federal Acquisition and Contract Management, Clark G. Adams, AGU Press

Subjects covered by Course 631
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