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Course Description

Technical Program Management (629)

Credits: 3


Course 629 integrates all the main aspects of technical management, including technical program planning and control, system engineering and concurrent engineering, software development, production management, test and evaluation, integrated logistics support, and program control. The procedures we impart to you are applicable to the technical management of any type or size of research, development, production or engineered construction program.

The course’s focus is on flexible, integrated, technical- program-management systems that can be scaled to each application, both government and commercial, and at the same time comply with specific program requirements. While it is recognized that no two programs or projects are identical, a uniform and identifiable process exists and that is what you will learn about. The course explains how to tailor both the entire system, and the various subsystems and procedures to the complexity of the task, and the life cycle phase of the system, from the requirements stage through operations and disposal.

Subjects covered include:

Increase Your Understanding of

• Product Development Processes
• Technical Performance Planning and Measurement
• Software Development and Integration
• Configuration Management
• Specialty Engineering

Improve Your Ability to

• Tailor specifications
• Test and evaluate
• Conduct technical reviews and audits

Texts:  Technical Program Management, AGU Press

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