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Course Description

Program Management (625)
Credits: 3


This course provides a complete knowledge of program/project management. It is based on the program management procedures and processes used by the United States Government and its prime and subcontractors, however, the procedures are applicable in whole or in part to the management of any type or size of research, development, production or construction project. A program/project manager may deal with large projects or small, at high or low levels of an organization. In some instances, functional managers act as project managers. In other cases, projects are organized around product development teams. The scope is so wide that discussion of program management usually focuses upon limited aspects of the total.

This course focuses upon the whole. It illustrates how the organizational structure and specific business and technical management systems are integrated into a total system of management to plan, organize, staff, direct, monitor, motivate and control. The principles and procedures enunciated are applicable to small and medium size projects as well as those requiring complete technical/cost/schedule/performance planning and control systems. The course is the most comprehensive and thoroughly documented course in program/project management available from any government, public or private source.

Subjects covered include:



Increase Your Understanding of

• The program management process
• Steps in program planning
• Requirements determination
• Work definition
• Scheduling and budgeting
• Risk management techniques
• Objective performance measurement
• System engineering
• Technical management
• Program initiation & leadership

Improve Your Ability to

• Measure technical performance
• Organize staff & allocate resources
• Create work breakdown structures
• Motivate and direct staff
• Conduct technical reviews and audits

This popular course has been presented in public forums to more than 50,000 industry and government personnel in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Now you can have it in your home.

Texts: The Program Manager’s Handbook, AGU Press

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