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Course Description

This course is in teach-out and no longer available for course enrollment.

Pricing and Financial Management (619)

Credits: 3


Learn how the 5 major disciplines interrelate -- estimating, pricing, price/cost analysis, contract analysis and negotiating. Course 619 explores the fine points of price and financial management for supply and service contracts, and large, long-term programs with multiple contractors and subcontractors. You obtain in-depth working knowledge of the principles, tools and techniques from both the buyer's and seller's viewpoint.

The course describes the specific problems and techniques applicable to each major element of cost: engineering and manufacturing labor; labor rates; material and subcontracts; indirect costs and forward-pricing rates. It will cover the projection and analysis of costs for small and large contracts extending over a number of contractor and government fiscal years.

Subjects covered include:


Increase Your Understanding of

• The difference between costing and pricing
• Contract analysis & negotiation
• Contract types and their affect on price
• Cost principles and cost accounting standards
• Financial controls

Improve Your Ability to

• Use estimating systems
• Analyze costs and profit
• Employ financial analysis tools

Texts:  Pricing and Financial Management, AGU Press

Subjects covered by Course 619
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